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DALLAS, TEXAS – Today, Dallas-based producer and DJ, GROVCH, released his combative, two-fisted EP The Kitchen Sink. This monstrous 4-track project provides a vibe that is simultaneously calm and dramatic, as all of the songs may come off vile and aggressive. This project manifested out of the idea of wanting to create something a little bit different, yet familiar to fellow riddim listeners. 


The Kitchen Sink’s main tone centers around a heavy bass riddim vibe, where there are no second build-ups or time links, etc. – just single gruesome drops. The EP starts out with some hard dubstep, ‘Time To Grind’, as GROVCH simultaneously mixes drum-and-bass and heavy bass sounds. The track then slows down to a dark fade, followed by a straight heavy belligerent drop. ‘And Then There Was GROVCH’ is the second track on The Kitchen Sink, which provides a mysterious and bouncy vibe. The song also consists of some deep dark riddim, all divided and spread out into three sections. As the third track, ‘HMMM’ is also a punch-in-your-face and moshpit song, the last song of the EP titled ‘Peace’ is different compared to the rest. Listeners can finish off the dark ride with some melodic, happy, and uplifting bass, as well as enjoy the stimulating cello bass line.


“The Kitchen Sink is a direct extension of what I have learned in that time and a sign of greater things being cooked up in the kitchen very soon.  You can rise with me or get steam rolled by me, either way, you can’t deny me. I’m trash, my music’s trash, and I live in a fucking trash can.”

Photo Courtesy of AFTRLIFE Entertainment


Bass music DJ and producer, GROVCH is certifiably and musically insane. He enjoys long walks on the beach, making crowds headbang, and refuses to stop believing while holding onto that feeling. As a Texas native, he is blessed enough to have been able to learn and play with almost all of his heroes such as HE$H and Al Ross. After growing up in Houston but moving to Dallas over a couple of years, GROVCH quickly made his mark on the Dallas bass scene after opening for Symbiotic and Sweet Tooth with HAM Promotions. If you are a Texas native as well, you might have seen him throw down some nasty sets at venues like Lizard Lounge, Green Elephant, and Deep Ellum Art Company. He has also been a part of the AFTRLIFE family for quite some time now, as he has played numerous shows with them, including Mad Circus and The Nightmare Before Halloween. His aggressive selection and no-nonsense attitude in music and life have made him powerful in the bass scene within the past 4 years, as well as his frequent appearances in multiple Texas locations. 


About AFTRLIFE Entertainment:

AFTRLIFE Entertainment is currently on the rise with merging the gap between dance music and technology. When starting in 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic, AFTRLIFE Entertainment is quickly building their roster, reach, and to reach every part of the globe. From artist management, running their own record label, putting on safe live events, and hosting live streams, and VR/360, they all efficiently accomplish all in a single company.