(Friday, April 9, 2021) – Today, Dallas-Fort Worth-based producer, Brainface released his new psychedelic deep bass album, Existence.

Existence consists of the deepest dub sounds you can ever find, as well as five songs that make up the five platonic solids of sacred geometry. The album is titled Existence due to his obsession with sacred geometry for as long as he can remember. It can be observed in the artwork that the five platonic solids can be considered as the five building blocks of matter and what is matter.

There is a super interesting story behind the artwork, as it represents what would happen if music would be digital and then software could be programmed using one’s organic brain to read it, which is the brain in the middle in question. In Metatron’s cube, the connection between it all is represented by the face. The infinite entity and awareness symbolized by the face are represented by the digital board in the background, producing the music we are uploading into our reality.

There are many interesting dynamics that are used in each track of the album. Existence’s ‘Triangle’ represents the strongest track on the album, as its shape is the strongest you can imagine. Hence there can be pressure on either point of the triangle and it will still hold a firm shape. ‘Cube’ represents Earth as it carries a lot of earthy and relaxing vibes, possibly as if you are feeling a little wonked out. 

“Much love and take care of each other!” – Daniel Cumpton, aka. BRAINFACE

Listen to Existence below:


Daniel Cumpton, aka. Brainface is originally from Monroe, Louisiana but now resides in Dallas, Texas. As Brainface has no meaning and is just made with just two compound words put together, he takes inspiration from artists such as Liquid Stranger, Truth, Khiva, The Widdler, and Vibe Emissions just to name a few. Writing music based on emotions and true-life experiences, Brainface’s music is described as weird, deep, heavy bass, and psychedelic brain ticklers but it is ultimately music for the people. He has played many local shows and festivals in the DFW region, including shows with DFW Rave Fam, Haam Promotions, and AFTRLIFE Entertainment. 



About AFTRLIFE Entertainment:

AFTRLIFE Entertainment is currently on the rise with merging the gap between dance music and technology. When starting in 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic, AFTRLIFE Entertainment is quickly building their roster, reach, and to reach every part of the globe.From artist management, running their own record label, putting on safe live events and hosting live streams, and VR/360, they all efficiently accomplish all in a single company.