AFTRLIFE Records is proud to present “Mixtape Meltdown 2023,” a phenomenal compilation album featuring a handpicked selection of tracks from local Dallas-Fort Worth EDM artists. Notably, these artists were the runner-up contestants for the highly acclaimed DFW Producer Challenge – a testament to their exceptional talent and creativity within the electronic music scene.
Let’s meet the outstanding artists and delve into their inspiring stories and unique musical contributions:

Coral Kid – “Im Drunk And I Love You”

About Coral Kid:
I, Jefferson Davis, known as Coral Kid, am originally from Abilene but have lived in DFW most of my life. I started playing guitar at 10 and have been heavily involved with countless music projects since then. I started getting into electronic music in 1997. Back then I was known as *Hush*. Mostly DnB and jungle stuff. I’ve also been in numerous punk bands, so my influences make an interesting mix. I have too many favorites to name, but my biggest inspirations are Le Knight Club, Stereolab, NOFX, and Carl Cox. The punk side of me typically loves to write music that simply goes against the norm. I want to be known as a cult classic, not a best seller.
Why did you decide to enter the contest?
I chose to submit my track because I’m usually to self-critical to promote my own stuff. This helps my confidence and believing in myself that I can make art.

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Tark – “From The Start”

Tark, a seasoned music producer with a passion for evoking deep emotions through his heartfelt melodies and high-energy beats, presents “From The Start.” This enchanting piece is a reflection of Tarkington’s unwavering dedication to creating music that resonates on a profound level.

About Tark:
Hey there, I’m Tark, a music producer with 7 years of experience. My passion lies in creating emotional, energetic, and uplifting music that transcends genres. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills to craft heartwarming melodies and high-energy beats, aiming to evoke deep emotions in my listeners. I’m excited to continue pushing my creative boundaries and sharing music with my fans!

Why did you decide to enter the contest?
I chose to submit to the DFW Producer Challenge because it was a good opportunity to share music and connect with others in the scene.

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Ephemeral – “Crossroads”

Ephemeral’s artistic odyssey commenced in 2019 with the acquisition of FL Studio, propelling him into the realms of lo-fi, house, and techno. “Crossroads,” a melodic techno masterpiece, embodies his inclination towards uplifting vocals and emotionally charged compositions. Ephemeral’s relentless pursuit of sonic excellence is on full display, leading to the manifestation of profound memories and dreamy soundscapes.

About Ephemeral
Ephemeral emerged in 2019 upon the purchase of FL Studio. Primarily self-taught, he began composing lo-fi songs to gain understanding of patterns and structures. From there opened worlds of creativity and possibility. Inspired by digital artwork, he ventured into designing house and techno. In 2022, Ephemeral’s focus shifted to the experimental and melodic, with an emphasis on uplifting vocals. The ultimate goal being to move people emotionally without sacrificing high energy. Through producing, mixing and mastering, melodic house and techno represent the new vision and chapter of Ephemeral.

Why did you decide to enter the contest?
When I discovered the AFTRLIFE DFW Producer Challenge, I seized the opportunity to contribute alongside local producers. Working all night to meet the submission deadline, the contest fueled the completion of “Crossroads.” Through this journey, I experienced how rewarding it can be to challenge oneself to display both progression and potential. Initially only sharing tracks with friends and family, I never dreamed of expanding into broader platforms. The word ephemeral describes something fleeting, lasting a short amount of time. This sentiment expresses the gratitude I feel when others appreciate my music, even for a passing moment.

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Aero Soul – “Space Created”

About Aero Soul:
Aero Soul, aka Caleb Welch, is an electronic artist based out of Dallas, Texas that combines a variety of different edm styles with an orchestral flair. From Dubstep and Tearout, to House and DnB, Aero Soul is constantly engaging with new music as it emerges in order to keep their music fresh and exciting while still retaining the core elements that are unique to the style Aero Soul is becoming known for. 

Their musical journey started at a young age playing trumpet from the age of 10 in grade school band, all the way through college and beyond. During that time he discovered edm and began producing at the age of 17. Aero Soul’s musical influences mainly came from artists such as Varien, Alon Mor, and Apashe for their unique compositions that combine edm and traditional orchestral elements, as well as more modern soundtracks from the likes of Hans Zimmer and Kevin Penkin, and more traditional composers including Debussy, Chopin and Shostakovich. 

Aero Soul has started to gain a reputation in DFW and Austin after opening for shows for major artists like Kai Wachi, Barely Alive, HVDES, Peekaboo and Ravenscoon, as well as local shows around Dallas. Aero Soul is looking to expand to the greater Texas area and beyond, wanting to share this unique style to more people.

Why did you decide to enter the contest?
The track started out trying to incorporate silence, but I was trying to create a more ambient intro, and I loved just stretching out and processing the samples in the pack to help create that atmosphere. Once the atmosphere is set, I wanted to just bend it around and throw the listener in a completely different direction with a super heavy, yet spacious drop.
I’ve been wanting to get more involved in the scene musically. I have been playing some gigs around town, but actually getting into more musical circles has always been a challenge, and this sounded like a great opportunity to do exactly that and I took the chance to do it.



Rachel Roe – “Crazy”

About Rachel Roe:
Dallas native Rachel Roe, a multi-talented force in the EDM realm, introduces her enchanting blend of house and bass house music. Inspired by the enigmatic philosopher Alan Watts and driven by the intense highs and lows of her personal journey, Rachel Roe’s music is a testament to her pursuit of euphoric and transcendent experiences.

Why did you decide to enter the contest?
I chose to submit because I am looking for new opportunities to further pursue my music career.

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“Mixtape Meltdown 2023” is a testament to the boundless talent and creativity thriving within the Dallas-Fort Worth EDM community. These exceptional tracks stand as a testament to the rich and diverse musical landscape of the region, underscoring the passion and dedication with which these artists craft their art. Each track invites listeners on an enrapturing journey, promising an escape into vibrant and dynamic realms.

AFTRLIFE Records is honored to champion these remarkable talents and invites music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the captivating sounds of “Mixtape Meltdown 2023.” Stay tuned for the release and support the local EDM scene as it continues to flourish and inspire.

Check out the mixtape here:

Note: Pictures courtesy of the artists – Coral Kid, Tarkington, Ephemeral, Aero Soul, and Rachel Roe