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DALLAS, Texas – The diverse and noble bass producer, XILE has been cooking up something delicious for the bass lovers out there and is finally bringing it to this year’s Thanksgiving tables. Now, listeners can finally experience mesmerizing peaking vocals and intensifying bass drops all in one with his brand new tearing dubstep track, ‘FALL’. Released via AFTRLIFE Records, this song is sure to stir up your relatives’ wildest side when you blast it at Thanksgiving dinner.

With comfort zones being tested, ‘FALL’ is an unforgettable ode to keeping your guard up and eyes open. This clean and crisp track is the perfect example of spellbound vocals and aggravating bass intertwining. The track starts off with a peaceful stance, slowly staggering into lustful vocals that draws the listener in. The track slowly but gradually starts to shimmer into the crunching bassline it deserves, followed by a quick peak of intense bass drops. The vibe of ‘FALL’ aligns generously with Kompany’s ‘Feel It All’ as they share the same format, melodic wise. 

Photo Credit: Chilly Media

“Don’t let others be the ones to create your path, it’s your life so you be the one to live it!!” – XILE

About XILE

A brave and loyal knight, wrongfully accused by his brothers in arms. Sentenced to exile, Jon Williford, aka. XILE was seen as nothing more than a betrayer – an outcast. When all hoped seemed lost, he had taken on the name of his punishment XILE and seek to build up his own army of legionnaires to return his name to its rightful honor and glory, and to bring peace, love,  unity, and respect back to the people. XILE has played around numerous venues across the DFW region, such as the Green Elephant, The Yard, MixLab, Deep Ellum Art Company, and more.