Stream ‘On My Own’ here

JANUARY 28, 2022 – Today, the innovative melodic bass producer, Gry Wolv has unleashed the brand new midtempoanthem, “On My Own”, that will for sure bring delight to your ears. Released via AFTRLIFE Entertainment, this melodic track features insanely enlightening vocals from Imallryt that align with the synthetic bass build-ups and drops provided by Gry Wolv himself. 


Throughout ‘On My Own’, you can hear the different elements of both the melodic ear candy and bass-driven peaks bounce off each other. This musical process showcases Gry Wolv’s steep learning curve on the different processes of production. 

As the track was originally a submission for Seven Lions’ “Only Now” remix competition, you can hear the ambient and melodic bass elements that Ophelia Records simultaneously portrays. As he, unfortunately, did not win the competition, he decided to challenge himself and make it an original release. Miraculously, he succeeded all on his own (hence the song title!), as he experimented with different fills and basses from scratch, all leading up to the incredible journey of “On My Own”. 


Photo Credit: Matt Bender


“This was a project that took two of my favorite genres and melded them together. ‘Melodic Midtempo’ was an idea I had toyed around within my mind for a while before this track’s creation, and I’m excited to have gotten this out. I hope everyone enjoys it!”



Taylor Nickell, aka. Gry Wolv is a multi-genre producer from Austin, Texas. As he originally started his music career in the metal scene as a vocalist, these days, he is known for creating beautiful works of emotive bass music that both hits hard and will leave your emotions tingling for more. With six original tracks out under his name and over 10 live shows, he is quickly growing his name and brand in Texas, and soon, the world. Be sure and check his music out and let it touch your soul.