Nightmare on Dyer Street

This Halloween weekend, get ready to break your neck, as we are partnering up with Gener8 to bring you one of the biggest app-release parties and Halloween shows you can’t miss here in DFW. Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to the Nightmare on Dyer Street, taking place this Friday, October 30th.

As this show will be taking place at Green Elephant in Dallas, Texas, be prepared to witness the spookiest of the spookiest, as we got a stacked lineup filled with bass and gore. The Nightmare on Dyer Street will feature two stagesNever Sleep Again and Freddy’s RevengeNever Sleep Again will feature Austin’s leading bass pioneer, Mad Hatter, and fellow music producer, Lazy K. Other bass talents include SiMBOLiZM, Chef Juelz b2b Flog, Dark Bunny, and more will also fill the room with filth and gore on the Never Sleep Again stage. Meanwhile, Freddy’s Revenge will feature a handful of leading bass producers, including Wasubii, Malware, The Storm, and more.

You can view the rest of the Nightmare on Dyer Street lineup below:

Nightmare on Dyer Street Lineup

Set times are also already out, and you can view them down below:

Never Sleep Again

Mad Hatter: 1-2 AM

Lazy K: 12-1 AM

SiMBOLiZM: 11-12 AM

Boojee Wook: 10:15-11 PM

Chef Julez: 9:30-10:15 PM

Dark Bunny: 8:45-9:30 PM

EVRAFTR: 8 – 8:45 PM

Freddy’s Revenge

Wasubii: 1-2 AM

Crimzilla: 12-1 AM

Malware: 11-12 AM

Rezinat3d: 10:20-11 PM

Slanga: 9:40-10:20 PM

Destroyah: 9-9:40 PM

Bear: 8:30-9 PM

Storm: 8-8:30 PM

Due to the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be limited capacity. Masks will be required as well as a temperature check at the front door. CDC guidelines will be enforced at this event.

Tickets for this event are still on sale and can be found here. You will also receive $5 off at the door for proof of downloading our new app.

Get your costumes on and be prepared to break your neck this Halloween weekend!