Nightmare Before Halloween

This weekend, October 23-25th, join us for our special spooky livestream, A Nightmare Before Halloween, brought to you by us, AFTRLIFE Entertainment.

As we are partnering up with Riddim SquadBaked UpThe Kitchen, and Gener8, be prepared to witness the spookiest of the spookiest, as we got a stacked lineup filled with bass and gore. Our main headlining act will include no other than chest-pumping bass master, Al Ross, who recently just performed at the Subtronics drive-in rave last weekend at Fair Park. Our other two headliners that will for sure melt your face off include underground master, Akira Khan , and Dallas’s favorite light maker, SiMBOLiZM.

A Nightmare Before Halloween will also include some heavy-hitters that know how to start this Halloween nightmare the correct way. Our roster includes BrainfaceChef JuelzDark BunnyEVRAFTRGlasspvckThicc Boy, and more. You can view our full lineup below:

Nightmare Before Halloween
Nightmare Before Halloween Full Lineup

Our set times are also out! View them down below:

Day 1 (10/23)
12:30-1 AM: Rizz0
12-12:30 AM: Biral
11:30-12 AM: FreakMeowt
11-11:30 PM: Thicc Boy
10:30-11 PM: Kairos
10-10:30 PM: Crimzilla
9:30-10 PM: Brainface
9-9:30 PM: Sneddy
8:30-9 PM: Trip Fox
8-8:30 PM: Devils Hour
Day 2 (10/24)
12:30-1 AM: Runniti
12-12:30 AM: Glasspvck
11:30-12 AM: G Wizz
11-11:30 PM: Dope Sauce
10:30-11 PM: Northern Lights
10-10:30 PM: BooJeeWOOK
9:30-10 PM: Slanga
9-9:30 PM: Destroyah
8:30-9 PM: Dark Bunny
8:00-8:30 PM: Evraftr
Day 3 (10/25)
1-2 AM: Al Ross
12:30-1 AM: Myki
12-12:30 AM: Millenial Trash
11:30-12 AM: Chef Julez
11-11:30 AM: Malware
10:30-11 AM: Moovy
10-10:30 AM: Blvrr
9:30-10 AM: EREBUS
9-9:30 AM: 48
8:30-9 AM: Flog
8-8:30 AM: Grvoch

To download our app, click here. Fans and viewers can also watch the live stream this weekend here.