Ktron – Turn You Out

August 4, 2023

AFTRLIFE Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Turn You Out,” an electrifying Big Room track by the talented young producer Ktron, also known as Kimo Cureton. This highly anticipated single will be available on all major streaming platforms starting August 4th, 2023.

At just 18 years old, Ktron has already made a significant impact in the electronic music scene with his infectious beats and dynamic productions. Hailing from Arlington, TX, Ktron has been honing his craft and pushing the boundaries of his sound. “Turn You Out” showcases Ktron’s prowess as a producer, presenting a high-energy Big Room track that is sure to ignite dancefloors worldwide. With its pulsating basslines, soaring melodies, and expertly crafted drops, the track embodies the essence of the genre, delivering an unforgettable musical experience.

AFTRLIFE Records, renowned for its commitment to supporting emerging artists and pushing the boundaries of electronic music, is the perfect platform for the release of “Turn You Out.” Ktron’s collaboration with the label signifies their shared vision to deliver cutting-edge music that resonates with audiences around the globe.

As an up-and-coming artist, Ktron has already garnered attention for his unique style and undeniable talent. “Turn You Out” is set to solidify his position as an exciting force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

Fans of Big Room and electronic dance music can look forward to the release of “Turn You Out” on August 4th, 2023. The track will be available for streaming and download on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.