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ReyDex is quickly becoming a well recognized and respected Artist in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, now being recognized globally for his unique style of mixing tech house and techno and keeping that sound consistent in his productions. Taking inspiration from names such as Will Clarke, Green Velvet, Walker & Royce, and Hi-LO he is making a name for himself with his unique
blending style of the two genres. ReyDex has been a DJ for 12 years and a music producer for 6 however his love for music goes back about 15 years when he first started playing trumpet in middle school. Taking that love of music into his adulthood he went to college to study music and become a composer, however after a few semesters he determined his musical talents are more fit for a dance floor than a symphonic stage.


Elevate Artwork
Replay Artwork
Villian Artwork
Heaven On Earth Artwork
Eye To Eye Artwork


Past Appearances

Lights All Night Music Fest

  • Dallas, TX

MixMasters Ibiza Retreat

  • Ibiza

Flow Faire Music Fest

  • Mineral Wells, TX

No One Listens to TECHNO

  • Wichita, KS

Sun And Moon Festival

  • Belize

Electric Retreat Music Fest

  • Groesbeck, TX

Happy Fest

  • Shawnee, OK

Bass On The Block

  • Pensacola, FL